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What We Do

Children have the right to live safely and not to be abused or exploited. However, protection of this right requires effective legislation, a network of trained professionals and empowerment of communities. In many regions of Southeast Asia there are no such systems. CARA supports organisations working to fill this void. Whenever possible this is done in partnership with the relevant government departments, a difficult challenge but ultimately the only truly sustainable approach.


Our partner One Sky Foundation has achieved an effective partnership with the provincial social services’ child protection team in the Thai-Burma border town of Sangkhlaburi. This small government team previously had no capacity to reach the remote areas where One Sky works. Through partnership they have been able to investigate several cases of serious abuse and bring many children to safety.


In isolated Thai-Burma border villages, child protection is often the village leader's responsibility. Through their membership of the Mon Women’s Network, our partner Border Health Initiative have been able to influence the ubiquitous male hierarchy at village level to protect the rights of women and children who have experienced abuse. Their bravery in pushing forward the boundaries of human rights in areas holding very traditional views is astonishing and we hope to help them continue this work. 

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