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What We Do

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that all children have the right to an education. Sadly huge numbers of children in Southeast Asia are unable to exercise this right. Isolation, poverty, conflict and migration mean that many children have no chance to go to school and others are unable to attend school even when they live close to one. 


On the Thai-Burma border, our partner One Sky Foundation works in cooperation with the government to fill gaps in education provision, working  to overcome the barriers that prevent marginalised children from attending school. Currently, One Sky: 

  • Supports 100 children on the Thai-Burma border to register in school, supporting the costs of transport and uniforms if needed.

  • Takes referrals from all 14 local primary schools in the Sangkhlaburi area on cases of dropout from education.

  • Supports a small village school in a remote community that is cut off from the government school due to bad roads. 


Our partner Border Health Initiative works to support village schools in danger of closure. In Thai-Burma border villages, many teachers earn less than £10 per month and have minimal resources to teach with. BHI assists village schools by providing a few extra pounds each month for teachers' salaries and supplying basic school materials.


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