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What We Do

Many children in Southeast Asia are denied lifesaving operations, or treatment for chronic illnesses because they come from a poor family. We find this unacceptable in our modern world. Our partners work to remove the barriers that prevent isolated and marginalised children from accessing the healthcare they need.


Our partner Border Health Initiative provides healthcare support to individuals living in Thai-Burma border villages. This includes:

  • A mobile clinic - visiting 10 communities each month, providing care and advice for an average of 600 people monthly.

  • HIV project - providing HIV-testing and vital medicine for women and their children.

  • Mother and Child Care - providing care and support for over 500 pregnant women each year. 

  • Annual health screenings in supported Thai-Burma border schools.

  • Provision of UHT milk to supported schools whenever possible. 

  • Education on health and hygiene, focused on disease prevention.  


Our partner One Sky Foundation provides healthcare support to children in and around the Thai-Burma border town of Sangkhlaburi, assisting with transport to hospital and medical costs where needed.

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