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Who We Are

CARA is UK-based charity which supports children at risk in Asia by providing financial and in-kind support directly to local organisations.


Our core values are to only support projects that:


  • Understand and follow the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Base all decisions regarding the children on the best interests of that child above all else.

  • Believe that a loving family environment is the best option for children and that institutional care should be a last option only when all others are exhausted.


We will never support projects that:


  • Are not fully transparent in their financial processes.

  • Promote any religious or political beliefs.

  • Discriminate in any way based on gender, ethnicity or disability.


Currently, we work with two organisations on the Thai-Burma border: the Border Health Initiative (BHI), a community organisation run by local Mon people and One Sky Foundation, a registered Thai charity. 


We believe that children deserve to be treated with respect and dignity; we follow this value directly in all of our work and in how we communicate it to our supporters. This is why children pictured on this website are presented only in a positive light. 

Find out more about our Partner Organizations or meet our Staff and Advisors.

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