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Staff and Advisors

CARA is made up of a broad array of individuals, based in the UK and in Asia.


Our entire organisation is made up of concerned individuals who work to make a difference for vulnerable and at-risk children. None of our staff or advisors recieve compensation from CARA, except for the appreciation of the people we serve.


Introducing CARA - meet our team!

Dr. Colin Lillicrap
Chairman of Trustees
 & Treasurer 
Jan Lillicrap

Dr. Lillicrap is a former senior exective in the UK electricity industry, responsible for multi-million pound budgets.


He became involved CARA after witnessing first-hand the immense poverty and enormous needs of the people in this region.


Jan has been an active volunteer in the local community for many years following a career in nursing.


Over many years, travel has developed Jan's insight into the needs of children around the world and motivates her to be one of the driving forces behind CARA.

Chris Anslow
Trustee & IT adviser

Chris has 37 years experience in the IT industry providing deskside support. He has travelled extensively and seen the situation of children around the world.


"I have followed Andy Lillicrap's work with deprived children in Asia and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with CARA".

P Wat
Partner Organisation Director (One Sky)
Saikamar Non
Partner Organisation Director (BHI)

P Wat was born and raised in Bangkok, and has lived in Sangkhlaburi since 2007. So far his career has followed his passion for social work with children, culminating in his founding One Sky Foundation in 2013.


His vision for One Sky is to create an organisation where people can grow. He wants to work with people who are motivated to be the best they can be and who want to give this chance to others.

A well-known member of the Sangkhlaburi Mon community, Saikamar co-founded Border Health Initiative (BHI) in 2008 and currently acts as its Local Director. Her work with BHI follows a long career facilitating health work in Mon communities, including 7 years with the Mon National Health Committee and 10 years with MSF.


“There is a big need in this area, we cannot save everyone, but I want to be part of the solution.”

Andy Lillicrap
 Local Contact
Karen Hargrave

Andy works alongside the projects we support in Thailand. He works as an adviser to both BHI and One Sky and supports us by overseeing how the funds we send are used. He receives no compensation from CARA for his work.


Andy is a highy experienced aid worker having spent most of the last decade of his life working in Cambodia and Thailand focusing on children's needs.

Karen works in the international humanitarian sector in research, policy and advocacy focusing on migration and displacement. Since 2009 she has spent several years based on the Thai-Burma border, including over a year working with One Sky and BHI as a CARA volunteer. She is passionate about supporting good local organisations to bring about change in their own communities and is delighted to be a trustee for CARA, having seen first hand the life changing assistance delivered by CARA’s partners and the difference that funds from CARA can make.

James Herring

James recently completed a PhD in materials science, and now works as an analyst in the civil service. He became a trustee for CARA after spending a year volunteering with One Sky through CARA, helping with projects including designing One Sky’s website and managing online research into children’s homes.                                                                                

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