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Our Partner Organisations are often confronted with serious, unexpected medical cases that require urgent assistance. Costs of treatment can be high, yet urgent intervention is crucial.


Emergency Medical Care


CARA is seeking sponsors to support our work facilitating emergency medical care for children and families in the community who would otherwise be unable to afford treatment. While the nature of this work means that we can’t tell you in advance exactly which cases your sponsorship donations will support, we can promise to tell you afterwards about the lifesaving care your donations has funded.


Your monthly sponsorship donations will cover:


  • Medication and treatment for urgent medical conditions at a local hospital

  • Transportation to and from the hospital


To sponsor our work facilitating emergency medical care, simply select a level of support from the options below and click "Subscribe" to set up your monthly donations through Paypal.



For more information about becoming a sponsor with CARA please visit our CARA Sponsorship FAQs.

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