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For many children living on the Thai-Burma border, future prospects are dramatically affected by illness of a primary caregiver. Medical costs can be high, transport to hospital from remote villages challenging, and sick caregivers are often rendered unable to work. Aside from the emotional toll of illness in the family, parents may become unable to support their children, financially and otherwise.


Children with Sick Caregivers

CARA is seeking sponsors to together support a group of families in which caregivers are affected by serious mental or physical illness. In these families caregivers suffer from a wide range of conditions, including paralysis, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.


As a sponsor of this group of families, your help will be critical to ensuring that children of sick caregivers are able to thrive despite their difficult family circumstances.


Your monthly sponsorship donations will cover:


  • Medical treatment and transport to hospital for the family’s primary caregiver

  • Support for children’s education and healthcare. This includes providing transport to school or hospital, school uniforms, medication, and milk powder.

  • Support with the family’s daily needs. Varying with each family, this may include the provision of food, clothing, toiletries, or assistance renting a house.




To sponsor this group of sickness-affected families, simply select a level of support from the options below and click "Subscribe" to set up your monthly donations through Paypal.




For more information about becoming a sponsor with CARA please visit our CARA Sponsorship FAQs.

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