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Children and Families Living with HIV


The spread of HIV is a critical problem facing children and families living on the Thai-Burma border. While cases of HIV are relatively common, the costs of treatment can be prohibitive. With poverty widespread, many families are unable to cover the high costs of medication.

CARA is seeking sponsors to together support a group of HIV-affected families. Some of the children in these families are themselves HIV-positive. Others live with HIV-positive parents, who require support so they can continue to care for their families.


As a sponsor of this group of families, your help will be critical to securing access to lifesaving treatment.


Your monthly sponsorship donations will cover:


  • Medical treatment, including ARV and medication for secondary infections

  • Transport to a local hospital

  • Support with daily needs e.g. food, clothing; for cases where caregivers are unable to work due to sickness, or where children are living with impoverished family members following their parents’ death from HIV.

To sponsor this group of HIV-affected families, simply select your level of support from the options below and click "Subscribe" to set up your monthly donations through Paypal.





For more information about becoming a sponsor with CARA please visit our CARA Sponsorship FAQs.


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