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Some children living on the Thai-Burma border become particularly vulnerable due to their individual family circumstances. In some of the most urgent cases we deal with, children have been orphaned or abandoned, or live in single parent families without strong support networks. Aside from day-to-day struggles with poverty, children living in these situations can become critically vulnerable in many ways. Common dangers include workplace exploitation, trafficking, early exits from education, early pregnancy and abusive relationships. 



Children in Vulnerable Situations

While CARA supports children to remain with family members wherever possible, often this can only be achieved through some level of extra support. CARA is seeking sponsors to together support a group of children living in critically vulnerable social contexts. Some of these children have been orphaned or abandoned, others live in single parent families.


As a sponsor, your help will be crucial to ensuring that these children are able to thrive into adulthood, and that families experiencing severe difficulties are able to stay together.




Your monthly sponsorship donations will cover:


  • Education and healthcare for this group of children. This includes providing transport to school or hospital, school uniforms, medication, and milk powder.

  • Support with the family’s daily needs. Varying with each family, this may include the provision of food, clothing, toiletries, or assistance renting a house.


To sponsor this group of critically vulnerable children, simply select a level of support from the options below and click "Subscribe" to set up your monthly donations through Paypal.




For more information about becoming a sponsor with CARA please visit our CARA Sponsorship FAQs.

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