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CARA Child Sponsorship

CARA’s sponsorship programme provides a way to make a long-term, visible impact in the lives of children from deprived Thai-Burma border communities.

Whether you can commit to £2 or £30 per month, through monthly contributions you can help us ensure that vulnerable families access the support they need for their children to thrive.


Our sponsorship programme may look a little different to other sponsorship programmes. That’s because we’re committed to offering a sponsorship programme that puts the rights of children first. Having researched the many recorded problems of child sponsorship - from breaching children’s rights to privacy to developing insecurity among sponsored communities – we’ve set out to do things differently.


Rather than sponsoring an individual child, we ask that you become one of several sponsors for a group of children. The various groups we’re seeking sponsors for have been selected on the basis of shared urgent needs. 

Today, we’re seeking sponsors for: 

For more details about our sponsorship scheme, see our CARA Group Sponsorship FAQs.


Or, to sponsor a group of at-risk children today, just select a needs group from the list above and follow the instructions to set up your monthly donations via Paypal.


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